Registration Guide for MPA-PNP, MPA-Health & MUP Students

In this Registration Guide you will find step-by-step instructions on how to select your first-semester courses, activate your NYU Net ID, register, and prepare for the semester. You must follow the instructions in the order they are provided and do not skip any step in the series.

As you go through the guide step-by-step, please keep in mind that once you have registered for courses per your First-Semester Course Plan (Step 3), you must participate in one online Registration Advisement Webinar (Step 6).  These mandatory online group sessions, arranged by program and conducted by your program administrator, focus on registration for your first semester.  Additionally, you must attend a mandatory Policies & Resources Orientation Session (Step 7) in August where the Student & Program Services team will present essential information about available resources and critical policies. 

All Wagner students are required to complete the Academic Oath before the start of their first semester (Deadline: January 23, 2015).  After following the instructions in this Registration Guide, you should review Wagner’s Academic Code and NYU's Academic Integrity Policy, and then answer the questions in the Academic Oath

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