Since your first semester is entirely prescribed by program and specialization requirements, you can register for courses (Step 5) after carefully reading Steps 1-4 of this Registration Guide. 

You should participate in a mandatory online Registration Advisement Webinar as soon as possible to gain a more comprehensive understanding of degree requirements as well as important tips on registration and planning your program.

a. Determine your course load and enrollment status

Full-Time Course Load: Typically 16 credits (e.g. four 4-credit core courses with recitations/labs) per term. A 12-credit load is considered full-time but may impact academic progress.

Part-Time Course Load: Typically 8 credits (e.g. two 4-credit core courses with recitations/labs) per fall and spring term and 4 credits in the summer. Taking fewer than 6 credits per fall and spring term will make it difficult to complete the degree within the 5-year time limit. It will also impact your eligibility for financial aid.

b. Consider your intended specialization

MPA-PNP options:

MPA-Health options:

MUP options:

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