After activating your NYUHome account and registering for courses, you should complete the following tasks in the months suggested:

In MAY...

In JUNE...

  • Make plans to arrive in New York no later than the first week of August

    In order to ensure the smoothest possible transition to Wagner and to make the most of all orientation events, you should plan to relocate to New York by early August.

  • Begin to ask questions of your Peer Advisor

    If you participate in the first round of Registration Advisement Webinars in May, your Peer Advisor will send your peer group an email at the end of May. Don't hesitate to ask questions about getting started at Wagner. Also, read the bios of the other Peer Advisors and reach out to them if you have questions that apply to them (e.g. if you are a part-time student and what to learn more about their experience).

In JULY...

  • Obtain an NYU ID card for access to campus buildings and services
  • Begin studying for waiver exams if you are taking them in August


  • Submit all waiver requests by the August 1 deadline in order to have results in time for Fall 2015
  • Attend a Policies & Resources Orientation Session at the Puck Building
  • Submit all necessary immunization forms (available in June) to the Student Health Center NO LATER THAN AUGUST 15th!
    • Important: Failure to comply with the state immunization laws will result in de-enrollment from classes. For more information, please see the health requirement website.
    • The Student Health Center (SHC) administers this requirement; therefore, all inquiries should be directed to the SHC.
  • Review health insurance requirements and options and submit waiver documentation (if eligible)
    • NYU requires that all students in degree-granting programs maintain health insurance and most students are automatically enrolled in an NYU student insurance plan as part of the course registration process.
    • To read more about requirements and options visit the NYU's Student Health Insurance website.
  • Purchase textbooks
    • Books for Wagner School courses are available at the NYU Bookstore, located at 726 Broadway (212-998-4667). Book lists are generally posted approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester.
    • You can find the reading lists for your courses, find out which books are in stock at the bookstore, and order books on-line.
    • Current students use the Wagner Wants listserv (wagner-wants@lists.nyu.edu) to advertise used books. You can subscribe to Wagner Wants through the "LISTS" page of NYUHome - see the instructions at the bottom of this section.
    • Some courses may require reading packets that are available at the NYU Bookstore or at local copy centers. Information about reading packets is usually announced during the first class meeting.
  • Complete pre-class assignments
    • Beginning in mid-/late-August, you can check NYU Classes, NYU's on-line learning network, to see if you have any pre-class assignments. [These are generally activated by faculty a week or two before the semester begins.]
    • To access NYU Classes, first make sure your NYUHome account is activated. You should be able to access NYU Classes through the "Academics" tab.
    • Login to NYUHome and click on the "Academics" tab at the top of the screen. Look under the "Course Sites" heading for links to the NYU Classes pages. You will be able to access course materials for the specific classes that you registered for once the faculty activate their NYU Classes sites.
  • Check Albert immediately before the beginning of classes
    • For updated course location and instructor information, check Albert just prior to the first day of classes.
    • Information on specific building codes and their locations can be found on the Registrar's website: Building Code Key
  • Check your waitlist status
    To determine your enrollment status in any courses for which you are waitlisted, check Albert prior to class (use the "Registration" tab).
  • Review the Drop/Add Policy and Tuition/Bursar Payment Schedule
  • Verify your local address on Albert
    Update your address if necessary, especially if you are relocating to New York (use the Addr/Stops tab). This is very important as any mailings will be sent to the current local address recorded in Albert.
  • Verify your Expected Graduation Date in Albert
    In order to verify that your records are accurate for academic and financial aid purposes prior to registration, please log into your Student Center in Albert to check that your "Expected Graduation" term (under your ACADEMICS tab) is correct. If the semester posted in Albert is not correct, please follow the easy instructions here in order to update your record immediately. As a guide, if you are full-time, your expected graduation date is Spring 2017. If you are part-time, your expected graduation date is Spring or Summer 2018.
  • Read all of your Wagner Student Affairs Listserv e-mails
    • The Wagner Student Affairs listserv is used by administrators and the Dean's Office to send out important updates to incoming and current students.
      • As an incoming student, you will automatically be subscribed to the Student Affairs listserv. Please be sure to read all of the emails that you receive via this listserv since they will contain important information related to courses, advisement and degree requirements.
      • Do not unsubscribe yourself from this list, since it is our primary means of sending critical communications to all students.
    • The Wagner Student Association (WSA) listserv (wagner-wsa@lists.nyu.edu) is used to announce events and opportunities to Wagner students. You will also be automatically subscribed to this listserv.
    • Wagner Wants (wagner-wants@lists.nyu.edu) is used to advertise for things such as roommates and books.

    To subscribe to a listserv, go to the LISTS section of your NYUHome account and click on the "Browse and Subscribe to an NYU List" button. Then scroll through the student lists until you come to Wagner-related lists (near the bottom of the page). Check the box next to the listserv you want to subscribe to and hit the "Subscribe" button at the bottom of the page. (As you can see by scrolling through the lists, there are hundreds of NYU listservs which may be of interest to you!)

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