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EMPA Program Requirements

Three Required EMPA Courses:

Note: Students in the EMPA program may take up to two regular (non-EMPA) MPA school-wide core courses. Since Financial Decision-making and Management (similar to CORE-GP 1021) is required for the EMPA program, only one additional school-wide core course may be taken toward the Executive program degree requirements. For your reference, the remaining regular MPA school-wide core courses are listed below.


a. Determine your course load and enrollment status

Full-Time Course Load: 12 credits (e.g. four 3-credit courses) per term. 

Part-Time Course Load: Typically 6 credits (e.g. two 3-credit courses) per fall and spring term and 3 credits in the summer. Taking fewer than 6 credits per fall and spring term may impact your eligibility for financial aid.


If you choose to complete the EMPA program in one year, we recommend that you take 4 courses (12 credits) during your first semester, 4 courses (12 credits) in your second semester, and 1 course (4 credits) over the summer.

EMPA Saturday students will complete the 4.5-credit Strategic Leadership course (EXEC-GP 1194) in late-August (but it is considered part of the fall semester). In addition to this “pre-term” course, EMPA Saturday students should take 4 courses (12 credits) during their first semester and 4 courses (12 credits) in their second semester.  A summer course is not necessary for EMPA Saturday students to complete the program in one academic year.

Students must take Leadership Confronted (EXEC-GP 3190) in their first spring semester in addition to their electives.

b. Plan your elective course choices/Beware of prerequisites

EMPA students should use the EMPA Electives page to determine courses offered in specific topic areas at Wagner, and at other NYU graduate schools.  To further assist your selection, please view the following pages:

You must be mindful of course prerequisites for all courses that you are interested in taking. Prerequisites may be found in the course description and in the course descriptions in the NYU Albert course registration system.

c. Individual Learning Plan
The goal of the EMPA program is to facilitate your learning and to make sure that you are talking to the right people, finding the best learning settings and courses, and meeting your requirements. Your Wagner experience should be as full and rich as possible. In order to help guide you, students in the EMPA program are to complete an Individual Learning Plan. Please complete and return it to Gordon Campbell and Lola Odunsi so that they can assist you in a more tailored advisement conversation.


Waive Core Courses