Registration Advisement Webinar
After you register for classes, you must participate in a mandatory online
Registration Advisement Webinar.  These sessions are organized by program and will run for one hour including question and answer time with the administrator of your program. 

Policies and Resources Orientation Sessions
The Student & Program Services team will also facilitate an in-person Policies and Resources Orientation designed to help you learn more about your program of study and to get oriented to important policies, procedures, and resources at Wagner and NYU. This session, held at Wagner, will be one and a half hours long and include time for questions.

Participation in the Policies and Resources Orientation is expected.  Those students who choose not to attend in person will be required to certify that they have read and understand the materials, which will be available after August 30.

Please RSVP for both sessions at: Getting Started -> Advisement and Registration

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