a. Consider pre-term workshops

  • Math Review
    If you need a quantitative refresher, register for the non-credit Math Review (NONCR-GP 906) module offered in August as well as early in the semester. The math skills self-assessment exam will help you determine whether you should register for the Math Review. The tuition for the module is $175.
  • Writing Workshop
    If you feel you need to brush up on your writing skills, consider taking the non-credit Professional Writing (NONCR-GP 907) module which meets during the fall semester. More information is available here. The tuition for the module is $175.

b. Plan your elective course choices/Beware of prerequisites

Electives most commonly chosen by EMPA Nurse Leaders are found on the EMPA: Concentration for Nurse Leaders program page.

EMPA Nurse Leaders can also use the courses-by-topic area page to determine courses offered on specific topics at Wagner and at other NYU graduate schools.

You should then search the “courses-by-semester” documents and the fall and spring course schedules to determine when your Wagner courses of choice will be offered.

You must be mindful of course prerequisites for all courses that you are interested in taking. Prerequisites may be found in the course description and in the course descriptions found in the NYU Albert course registration system.

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