Living in New York City


Temporary Housing

NYU provides a helpful list of off-campus temporary housing options for students in need of a place to stay while conducting their permanent housing search.


NYU's Off-Campus Housing Office (OCHO) website offers helpful information at NYU's Off-Campus Guide or call OCHO at (212) 998-4620.

Brokers and Management Companies

NYU's OCHO has agreements with several local real estate brokers who will reduce their fees for NYU students. A list of these brokers is available upon request from OCHO.

One way to potentially save money is to consider apartments that advertise "no broker fee."

Some students have been able to call the management companies directly to inquire about vacancies. It's sometimes possible to obtain management information from a building doorman (if there is one), or from a notice posted outside the door of the building.

International House

Apply to live at The International House, a unique residential graduate student housing community. To read more about the residence, and the Women's International Leadership Program for residents, visit the website.

Websites and Apps

A New York Times Comprehensive Article: This article provides information about how to get started looking for an apartment in New York. There are links to several helpful sites and tools, some of which are listed below.


Brick Underground provides a helpful Renter's Survival Kit, including a "crash course" on finding an apartment, renting with roommates, rental insurance, and more.

Street Easy: This website features apartments and roommate listings throughout New York City, with good maps and a user-friendly site.

Zumper: Zumper created relationships with landlords so that its listings are real and accurate. Users can follow neighborhoods in the app. and get notifications on new listings.

Apartable: This website allows you to easily share apartment rentals during your search process. It provides detailed and organized information and advertises its "personalized matching" process.

Curbed and the Brownstoner: Two helpful local real estate news blogs with listings.

Craig's List: One of the first websites to list apartments and roommate listings.

The Village Voice: A weekly newspaper that provides information on events, neighborhoods and properties for sale or rent. The Voice is free in Manhattan and available in many locations.

The New York Times: The Sunday real estate section is available at newsstands, bookstores and libraries. The Times also has a comprehensive website with real estate listings.

Wagner-Wants Listserv: Classmates can be a great resource for finding roommates and apartments, and this listserv functions as a classified ad list for Wagner students. To enroll in the listserv, visit the "forums" section after logging into NYU Home.

Apartment-Hunting Tips from Continuing Wagner Students

Peer Advisor Housing Tips

Where Most Wagner Students Live Map

Most Wagner students live in one of the five boroughs of New York City, or in New Jersey. Click on the map below to see a full view of the neighborhoods where many Wagner students live, and to get oriented to the New York City area.