Maintenance of Matriculation

A degree or advanced certificate can only be awarded to a student who has been continuously matriculated for each Fall and Spring term since entering the program. In order to be matriculated, for each Fall and Spring term students must either:

Register for at least one credit-bearing course,


Pay the maintenance of matriculation fee (approximately $500 -- must be confirmed with the NYU Bursar's Office).

Students should first discuss their situation with their program administrator. Students who determine they will need to maintain matriculation should email with their request. Students who receive Wagner School merit scholarship aid and maintain matriculation must contact to inquire about how the time away will affect their scholarship aid. Students must contact the NYU Student Health Insurance office to learn more about the duration of health insurance while maintaining matriculation. Students are responsible for knowing how their health insurance coverage may be affected by a maintenance of matriculation.

Doctoral students are reminded that they must maintain matriculation while completing their dissertation research and writing. Continuous matriculation may be met in the following ways: 1) registering for a normal course load or 2) enrolling in Research in Progress PHD-GP 5901

Students who fail to maintain matriculation must apply for readmission. Applications for readmission will be evaluated on the basis of the standards used to evaluate new applicants for admission. Readmitted students must satisfy all the degree requirements and procedures in effect at the time of readmission.

Time to Completion Requirement

Students must complete degree requirements in force at the time of their initial enrollment: five years for master’s degree students and seven to ten years for doctoral students. The time to complete degree requirements includes any semester(s) for which students pay maintenance of matriculation or take a leave of absence.