Transfer Credits

Credits toward the degree for graduate courses taken at other institutions, prior to matriculation, may be awarded under certain conditions and must be approved by the student's program administrator and the faculty. The number of graduate credits transferred from a non-NYU institution is the number of credits given by that institution for the courses.

Only those courses completed prior to matriculation at Wagner, and awarded from an accredited university, will be considered. The courses must be relevant to the student’s current degree, not be credited toward another degree, and have been completed with a grade of B or better at an institution of established academic reputation (including graduate courses completed at an NYU school prior to matriculation at Wagner). Coursework must have been taken within the last 5 years (except for doctoral students) in order to be considered for transfer. Courses from certificate programs (regardless of whether the certificate was earned or not) and non-degree programs may be considered for transfer credit, if deemed relevant to the Wagner degree program. Only graduate courses from accredited instiutions will be reviewed.

A maximum of 12 graduate credits can be transferred toward the MPA and MUP degrees; a maximum of 6 transfer credits toward the EMPA public service leaders or EMPA nurse leaders programs; no transfer credits are allowed for the EMPA for global leaders. A maximum of 40 credits toward the doctoral degree. Please note that transferred credits count as electives. However, if a course is equivalent to a Wagner core class, you should also read through the waiver policies, complete a waiver request and indicate this in your transfer credits memo. See here for the waiver policies.

Transfer credit requests must be made prior to the start of your second term.  Decisions regarding transfer credits are not made prior to matriculation.