Courses at Other Schools

Wagner students may take courses offered by other divisions at New York University when such coursework is relevant to their program and enhances the students’ educational experience. Note: Undergraduate level and language courses cannot be applied to any degree offered by Wagner.

Instructions for Registering for University-Wide Electives

  • 1. Select the course or courses of interest.
  • 2. Read the syllabus. Please note that the syllabi from the Pre-Approved University-Wide Electives list might not be the most updated. These syllabi are provided as a reference for students. For the most up to date syllabi contact the concerned department.
  • 3. Check the University course search. Note that Law School courses will be found at this link.
  • 4. Check for prerequisites or other restrictions: students who are unsure about their eligibility to take a course should contact the appropriate school or department in which the course is taught.
  • 5. Email the syllabus and a rationale of how the course is applicable to your specialization/degree to your program administrator.
  • 6. Review and follow registration procedure for the relevant school (see links to the left).