Course Waivers

Students who have acquired knowledge of the subject matter of any of the core courses prior to enrolling at Wagner are encouraged to pursue course waivers. In some instances, a student can take a waiver exam to waive a course. See specific course waiver policies below or consult your program administrator for more details. All students must pursue waiver requests prior to the start of their second semester. The last date to submit waiver requests in order to receive results before the start of Fall 2015 is Saturday, August 1st.

*Please note that it generally takes 4-6 weeks to hear results, so please plan accordingly.

Note: Waiving a required course does not reduce the credits required for your degree program, rather it increases the number of electives you may take.

Note: Core course waiver exams may only be taken once. Students who are not successful in their first attempt must enroll in the relevant course to satisfy the requirement.

Click here to register for upcoming waiver exams. Microeconomics and Statistics exams are offered in January, April, August (two exams) and November. Financial Management exams are offered in January, April and August. Please note that the Financial Management Waiver exams require four hours; Microeconomics and Statistics each require 100 minutes.

Students must take the waiver exam prior to their second semester at Wagner.

Download waiver policies (pdf files) for the following core courses:

Download waiver Practice Exams (pdf files) for the following core courses:

To submit your course waiver request, read through the waiver policies carefully and submit the online form found here:  Please note that all documents must be submitted as one PDF and uploaded to the form.

If you have questions, email