Specialization Declaration

MPA and MUP students are required to choose their specialization during the semester in which they complete their 16th credit. For full-time students, this is their first semester and for part-time students, it is usually their second semester.

Once students declare their specialization, they are assigned a faculty advisor in their specialization during the following advising periods: February in the spring and October in the fall. If a student declares after the faculty advisor assignment period for one semester, s/he will be assigned a faculty advisor in the following cycle. In the meantime, the student is welcome to go to faculty group advising hours or go to the office hours of any professors teaching within their specialization.

To declare a specialization, complete the Specialization Declaration Form which can be found here: Students --> Advisement --> Forms.


Change of Program

Students wishing to switch programs (for example, from Health Policy and Management to Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy) should reach out to the administrator of their intended program. Additionally, they must write up a memo explaining their rationale for the change and how the new program will better fit their academic and career objectives and send to wagner.studentservices@nyu.edu for review.

Individuals requesting a change of degree (for example, from MPA to MUP or MPA to EMPA) must apply for admission to the new program.