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Does Preservation Accelerate Neighborhood Change? Examining the Impact of Historic Preservation in New York City

Ingrid Gould Ellen and Brian J. McCabe Read more

NYC “Healthy Happy Meals” Bill: Potential Impact on Fast Food Purchases.

Elbel B, Mijanovich T, Cantor J, Bragg MA. Read more

Does Small High School Reform Lift Urban Districts? Evidence From New York City

Leanna Stiefel, Amy Ellen Schwartz, and Matthew Wiswall Read more

Changing behaviors to prevent noncommunicable diseases

Chokshi, D. and T.A. Farley Read more

Community Health Workers — A Local Solution to a Global Problem

Singh, P., and D. Chokshi Read more

Opportunity in Austerity — A Common Agenda for Medicine and Public Health

Stine, N.W., and Chokshi, D. Read more

The Cost-Effectiveness of Environmental Approaches to Disease Prevention

Chokshi, D., and T.A. Farley Read more

Teaching About Health Disparities Using a Social Determinants Framework

Chokshi, D. Read more

The Cultural Contagion of Conflict

Gelfand, M., G. Shteynberg, T. Lee, J. Lun, S. Lyons, C. Bell, J.Y. Chiao, C.B. Bruss, M. Al Dabbagh, Z. Aycan, A.H. Abdel-Latif, M. Dagher, H. Khashan, and N. Soomro Read more

Dying Alone: The Social Production of Urban Isolation

Klinenberg, E. Read more

Bodies That Don't Matter: Death and Dereliction in Chicago

Klinenberg, E. Read more

Functional Performance and Social Relations Among the Elderly in Greater Metropolitan Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State, Brazil: a Population-Based Epidemiological Study

Torres, J.L., R.C. Dias, F.R. Ferreira, J. Macinko, and M.F. Lima-Costa Read more
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