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There is no better place to study and understand the 21st century city than New York, where government has created the conditions that allow more than 8 million people to call it "home." New York is proof that even in the age of the internet, there is a powerful need for face-to-face communications.

Mitchell Moss

Henry Hart Rice Professor of Urban Policy

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Adapting the physical city to serve the public better requires a renewed understanding of infrastructure and its value and exploration of new innovations that reduce some of its current vulnerabilities.

Rae Zimmerman

Professor of Planning and Public Administration

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Michael Schill on Disputes in Co-Ops

Michael Schill on Disputes in Co-Ops

"Any successful cooperative is going to have residents who are willing to pitch in and give their own time and effort for the common good," says NYU Wagner Professor Michael Schill, commenting on a dispute in a co-op in an article in the The New York Times, "Sleepless, and Litigious, in the Apartment Below" by Dan Barry.


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