Julia Trilling
Adjunct Associate Professor of Urban Planning

Julia Trilling has been on the faculties of Harvard University, the University of California at Berkeley, and MIT, as well as being a visiting professor at L'Ecole Normale Superieure  and Ecole des Hautes Etudes in Paris. She has also held research positions, the most recent being at the UCB Institute for International Studies; the UCB Institute for Urban and Regional Planning; and the UCB Center for European Studies that she directed. She has taught courses on the history and planning theory of the nineteenth and twentieth century city; contemporary urban and regional planning and design, the European city, a doctoral seminar with a focus on the globalization of urban growth; and planning studios. Trilling's publications and research focus primarily on the historical, socio-spatial and political analysis of metropolitan planning and sustainability issues in the US and abroad. Recent projects include a report to the French government on U.S. post-suburban land-use trends; a study of privatization of public spaces and services; and a series of symposia she chaired on the design, urban impact, and programming of transportation infrastructure including multi-modal transit stations. Trilling is currently working on a conference on the planning and design of Asian and European rapid rail stations and their metropolitan impact. She has extensive international experience. Trilling has consulted to major international organizations and authorities that include UNEP, the La Defense Planning Authority in Paris, and the Ministere de l'Equipement, Ile de France.


Trilling is the author of books, articles and reports on a variety of topics mostly focusing on urban planning and design, politics and theory, and on urban sustainability, She is presently completing a book on post-War II planning, design, and politics in the Paris Region that is under contract with Alfred A. Knopf. She has also worked on and placed in planning and architecture competitions including the Extension of the Grant Axe beyond La Defense and the plan for the l'Opera de Bastille.


Trilling received three degrees from the University of California at Berkeley: a BA in English Literature, an MLA in Landscape Architecture/Urban Design and Environmental Planning, and a PhD in Environmental Planning. She did her Postdoc at MIT in Urban and Regional Planning where she focused on international urban planning. Among her academic awards, Trilling was a fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts, the German Marshall Fund, the Graham Architecture Foundation, and she received the Harvard Planning and Architecture Award.


Semester Course
Spring 2012 UPADM-GP.282.002 Urban Planning and Design: Past, Present and Future

The rapid rate and massive scale of urbanization globally make urban planning and design more critical than ever. This course introduces a selection of key ideas, experiences, and planning practices that shaped the contemporary city, and those that contend to shape the future city. In a lecture-seminar format, it examines important cases drawn from major cities around the world such as Mumbai, Paris, New York, Shanghai, and Detroit. Topics include megacities and megaslums, sustainable cities, "cybercities," and some of the most important planning interventions and visions from the past. The aim of the course is three-fold: To develop a critical reading of a selection of urban spaces, planning efforts, and texts; to provide a vocabulary of some of the major urban plans, ideas, and spaces: and to identify crucial issues that planners and designers now confront.

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