Undergraduate Options at NYU Wagner

Multifaith and Spiritual Leadership Minor

The minor in Multifaith and Spiritual Leadership is a first-of-its-kind joint program housed in the Silver School of Social Work and the Wagner School of Public Service. The minor consists of academically-rigorous, civically-engaged classes that provide students of all faith backgrounds (including those who are unaffiliated with a particular faith tradition) the opportunity to engage purposefully in holistic multifaith dialogue, service, and academic work. It also equips students to better understand their own faith traditions and spiritual beliefs while simultaneously engaging in multifaith learning, in and beyond the classroom. The minor is not only for the religious but it is also for students who are interested in faith and multifaith dialogue as important social phenomena, regardless of their own faith stance.

Students must complete a total of 16 credits for the minor within these guidelines:

Requirements Overview

The 16-credit Multifaith and Spiritual Leadership Minor consists of two required core four-credit courses; one required course selected from two options, and four additional elective credits for a total of sixteen credits. All courses will be selected in consultation with the program director. This minor is open to all undergraduate students within the University. Specific course sequencing is not compulsory, but existing pre-requisite restrictions for electives will apply. Further, students will be required to develop a plan for progressing through the available courses for degree completion in advisement with the Of Many Multifaith Leadership director/SSSW faculty member.

Students Must Take the Following Two Required Core Courses

  • UPADM-GP.254, Multi-Faith Leadership in the 21st Century (4 credits)
  • UNDSW-US.81, Whose Social Justice is it Anyway? Spirituality, Religion & Civic Engagement (4 credits)

Students Must Choose One of the Following Two Courses

  • UNDSW-US.55, Diversity, Racism, Oppression & Privilege (4 credits)
  • RELST-UA.1, Theories and Methods in the Study of Religion (4 credits)

Students must choose an additional 4 elective credits in conjunction with program director. Please click here for a list of approved electives counting towards the minor.

Students wishing to minor in Multifaith and Spiritual Leadership should make an appointment with Dina Rosenfeld, Academic Director and Clinical Associate Professor, Silver School of Social Work, to develop an academic plan. She can be reached at 212.998.5944 or by email at dina.rosenfeld@nyu.edu. To the extent permitted by their home school, students may double-count courses taken for this minor to satisfy core curriculum, majors and additional minors.