Real Estate, Housing and Community Development in Context

The Economic Development and Housing Specialization trains students for careers in housing, community development, real estate and economic development.

The major goals of this specialization are to:

  • Teach underlying economic theory governing real estate markets, politics surrounding the development process, and social theory underpinning the role of community organizations and residents.
  • Provide historical perspectives needed to understand and analyze current planning and policy issues, as well as the practical skills, such as real estate finance, needed to work in these fields.

Courses at Wagner

Please note: Some courses are taught every other year.

PADM-GP.2106, Community Organizing
PADM-GP.2140, Public Economics and Finance
PADM-GP.2144, Debt Financing and Management for Public Organizations
PADM-GP.2171, Program Analysis and Evaluation
URPL-GP.2415, Public Policy and Planning in New York
PADM-GP.2445, Poverty, Inequality, and Policy
URPL-GP.2452, Transformation of the Urban Economy: Case Studies
URPL-GP.2620, Race and Class in American Cities
URPL-GP.2639, Real Estate Finance
URPL-GP.2670, Land Use, Housing and Community Development Seminar
URPL-GP.4622, Wealth and Inequality: Asset Development and Poverty Reduction Policies in the U.S.
URPL-GP.4635, Community Equity
URPL-GP.4638, Housing and Community Development Policy
URPL-GP.4647, Workshop in Planning: Creating 21st Century Communities

Courses Outside the Wagner School

In addition to the recommended Wagner courses, students may explore NYU electives offered outside of Wagner. The following is a partial list of potential courses. Students interested in pursuing these or other non-Wagner electives must first obtain the approval of the Urban Planning faculty. Refer to the registration procedures for more information.

Courses in the School of Law

See the School of Law web site for course descriptions.

Courses in the Stern School of Business

  • BSPA-GB.2300, Real Estate Transactions
  • ECON-GB.3375, Urban Systems
  • FINC-GB.2329, Real Estate Primary Markets
  • FINC-GB.2339, Real Estate Capital Markets
  • OPMG-GB.2360, Real Estate Development and Entrepreneurship

See the Stern School of Business web site for course descriptions.

Courses in the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate

  • REAL1-GC 1005, Principles of Real Estate Accounting and Taxation
  • DEVE1-GC 1055, Real Estate Valuation and Feasibility Analysis
  • DEVE1-GC 1060, The Development Process
  • REAL1-GC 3400, Seminar in Community Development
  • REAL1-GC 3015, Affordable Housing Development
  • DEVE1-GC 2105, Green Building & Sustainable Development
  • DEVE1-GC 2300, Community and Civic Engagement in Real Estate Development

See the Schack Institute web site for course descriptions.