Harry Wexler
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Policy

Dr. Wexler is Senior Research Scientist Emeritus at National Developmental Research Institutes, Inc. (NDRI) and has acquired a national reputation in the areas of substance abuse policy, treatment and research during the last 40 years. He is best known for his landmark studies of the effectiveness of the therapeutic community in the community, prisons and aftercare.  He has been engaged in criminal justice reform since 1987 and led numerous federally funded national technical assistance projects that established prison treatment programs in 20 states. The California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation presented Dr. Wexler with a Pioneer Award in recognition of his role in expanding aftercare services for offenders and has chaired their Treatment Advisory Committee.  Dr. Wexler was the Co-Chair of a Treatment Improvement Protocol, Substance Abuse Treatment for Adults in the Criminal Justice System (TIP 44), written numerous articles, has co-authored a book on substance abuse treatment for women, and has served as editor of several special issues of the Prison Journal.  In 2005 he co-founded and has served as the Co-director of the Center on Evidence-Based Interventions for Crime and Addictions (CEICA) at Treatment Research Institute in Philadelphia. In 2007 he was appointed as a member of the Governor's Strike Team to help guide the process of reforming the California correctional system. In addition, he has worked directly with the governors of Texas and California on criminal justice reform.  In 2011 he completed a seminal Prison Journal Special Issue Reforming the Criminal Justice System: Issues and Recommendations for Corrections.


Semester Course
Fall 2012 UPADM-GP.265.002 Social Entrepreneurs, Innovators & Problem Solvers

The course will highlight innovative case studies of success in restoring the environment, resolving conflicts, curing diseases, overcoming poverty, and addressing other problems of social injustice. During the term, each student will develop an original blueprint for social innovation: a creative proposal for solving a societal problem.

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