Patrick Yurgosky
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Administration

Patrick Yurgosky is the founder and CEO of Yurgosky Consulting, an social venture that provides expert performance management, business intelligence, and development services to nonprofit, foundation and higher-education clients. Patrick has worked for nonprofit organizations for over nine years. He has started multiple for-profit companies in New York City and consulted with a diverse array of nonprofits and corporate start-ups.

Patrick's expertise includes performance management and analysis, business intelligence, IT strategy and planning, configuration and development, and training and pedagogy. He has presented his work nationwide and recently authored a chapter for an upcoming textbook titled Business Analysis: An Introduction to be published at the end of 2013. 

Patrick has a Masters degree in International Affairs from The New School and a Bachelors degree in Geography from West Virginia University.


Semester Course
Summer 2011 PADM-GP.4150.001 Leveraging I.T. for Performance Management

This course describes the growing role of information technology (IT) in nonprofits and how high-impact organizations are using IT platforms to manage and analyze their programs. Included is a discussion on the IT-related problems faced by nonprofits and solutions available to address these problems. Methods for implementing solutions and best practices for data collection and analysis will also be outlined. The second portion of the course will be hands-on: teaching techniques for quickly analyzing datasets using MS Excel and creating a functional specification document to customize an application. The course will also examine how to best recruit and manage consultants and vendors for IT projects.

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