• Kate Bender

    I'm very focused on my career goals, so with every class and work assignment, I feel like I'm constantly honing my interests to find out exactly what I want to do. So far, I think that I've reaffirmed that I want to be in the public sector working at the city level, but I'm still working out what role I want to have. Administration (the field that I initially thought that I would be in), still interests me, but so do planning/economic development and finance, so I'm hoping to explore those fields more over the coming year.

  • Baye Emery

    OCS was the guidance counselor I never had. The staff is supportive, motivational, and most importantly, accessible. My advisement sessions were always constructive and energetic. Professional development can be incredibly stressful and it was so helpful to know that I had such a reliable resource supporting me.