What New York Offers

NYC and NYU Wagner

The global and local intersect in New York City in a way they don't anywhere else. Whether your interest is in planningpolicygovernment, public, nonprofit or international managementpublic financehealth, or social issues, you'll find many ways to get hands-on practice while studying at Wagner.

With so many nonprofits, diverse policy and research institutes, international organizations and a high-profile city government, New York provides endless opportunities to explore the field of public service. Students take full advantage of NYU Wagner's urban surroundings through classroom assignments, student group activities, and valuable internships and part- and full-time work.

Aside from opportunities to explore the field of public service, NYC is an exciting place to attend graduate school. NYU Wagner's location in the heart of Greenwich Village adds an urban vibe that enhances the energy felt throughout the school.

As the cultural hub of the United States, New York City is diverse, dynamic and full of life. Students enjoy opportunities for entertainment and exploration at NYC's many parks, museums, performance venues and restaurants.