New Post: The Importance of Information in Transportation

NYU Rudin Center Research Associate Sarah Kaufman has posted a new piece on The City Fix blog, about how information moves cities, and the rise of the third sector. Here’s an excerpt:

Information and transportation are so intricately intertwined that smartphones and other technologies have reshaped how urban dwellers get around in cities all over the world. In fact, two of the most important transportation innovations of the last five years have been the opening of data and the use of social media tools for service updates. Open transportation data, now provided by more than 500 US cities, has led to a large, powerful sub-economy of third-party applications (an estimated half-million app downloads have come from the NY MTA’s data alone), while social media and third-party websites have become the primary means of communicating with transit customers (JetBlue has 20 Twitter followers per weekday passenger, according to forthcoming NYU Rudin Center research).

See the entire post here:

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