Diego Riagno

MPA-PNP - 2014

Deputy Director of Subnational Public Finance
Colombian National Department of Planning - DNP
Diego Riagno

How did being in New York impact your professional journey?

Being in NYC grants you access to many kinds of networks. I not only had the opportunity to meet practitioners in the international development field - my main interest - but also mingled with professionals in many other disciplines. Getting to know what other talented people are doing sparks your own curiosity and creativity. 

How did your Wagner experience prepare you professionally for what you are doing today?

In addition to the 'hard' knowledge I obtained through classes, events, student projects and networking sessions helped me craft my communication skills to deliver ideas in a concise manner. In my current job I have to interact constantly with various actors including government staff and international organizations officers and having these skills is really making a difference. 

Describe your current job.

I work at the Ministry of Planning in Colombia as a Deputy Director of the Subnational Institutional Strengthening division. My job is to coordinate Colombian national efforts to improve the capacities of local governments (mostly small municipalities). These efforts can be implemented directly or through partners like the World Bank, UNDP or the private sector. The stronger institutional capacity a municipality has, the more likely it will be to deliver successful development projects.