Irfan Hasan

MPA in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy - 2000

Senior Program Officer
The New York Community Trust
Irfan Hasan

Why did you choose Wagner for graduate school?

Wagner offered "real world" learning with the Capstone Program and a strong cadre of adjunct faculty who were practitioners in the field. It also offered the excitement and vibrancy of New York City and its significant government and nonprofit sectors which are fundamental to public service. Finally, coming to graduate school with close to ten years of experience as a professional in the nonprofit field, I wanted a graduate program that valued life experience and offered classes that could put context to that experience. 

How did your Wagner experience prepare you professionally for what you are doing today?

My Wagner experience helped put a theoretical context to much of what I had experienced while working in the nonprofit sector for nearly ten years. Wagner helped me better understand and frame problems; gave me the quantitative skills necessary for strong financial and programmatic analysis; and provided a strategic lens to develop solutions to stubborn challenges, whether one is looking at health care delivery reform and financing or services for people with disabilities. 

What are the advantages of the Wagner alumni network?

The Wagner alumni network is vast and deep. In New York City it is difficult to think of a nonprofit that is involved in critical work--or a division within City government--that does not have Wagner alumni. That shows how far reaching the network is, and how many people are available for anything from informational interviews to mentoring.