Our Faculty

The heart of NYU Wagner's programs is our faculty. Premier scholars in a variety of disciplines—economics, finance, sociology, political science, law, planning, healthcare, and more—our faculty members conceive new answers to ambitious social questions.

Faculty Research and Publications

Covering Undocumented Immigrants: The Effects of a Large-Scale Prenatal Care Intervention

Laura Wherry, Sarah Miller

AVs in NYC: A Policy Framework

Sarah Kaufman, Joseph Y J Chow, Bingqing Liu, Alexander Yamron, and Michelle Geck

A Forum on the Politics of Skills

Paul Osterman, Nichola Lowe, Bridget Anderson, Joe William Trotter Jr., Natasha Iskander, Rina Agarwala

America's Arrival City: How Immigration Made New York and How Immigrant Exclusion Almost Destroyed It

Natasha Iskander

Faculty Videos

Capstone: The story behind motivote

As part of NYU Wagner's renowned Capstone program, one group developed a digital platform called motivote that is designed to raise young voter turnout around the country.