Nathalie Rothschild

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Service

Nathalie Rothschild is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Service of NYU’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. She is also the Associate Director of Logistics and ICT at Action Against Hunger. Nathalie has worked in humanitarian logistics for INGOs over 20 years in over 25 countries spanning Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. She has experience in conflict areas, chronic complex emergencies, and rapid onset disasters.

“Boots  on  the  ground”  create  the  action  in  humanitarian  action. Whether  it  be  medicines,  tents,  blankets,   pumps,  textbooks, communications  equipment  or  vehicles,  materials  and  supplies  must  be  in  place  for   humanitarian  response  to  take  place. Humanitarian  logistics  is  the  management  and  execution  of  the   activities  needed  to  plan  for  and  move  relief  materials  and supplies,  along  with  related  funds  and   information,  from  suppliers  to  beneficiaries. Logistics  activities  include  needs assessment,  planning,   procurement,  transport,  warehousing,  distribution  to  beneficiaries,  and  reporting. Effective,  timely logistics  is  critical  to  response  to  emergencies  arising  from  armed  conflicts,  epidemics,  famine,  and  natural disasters.   

This  course  provides  an  overview  of  humanitarian  logistics  by  introducing  the  challenging  context  in  which   it  takes  place, the  organizations  typically  involved,  the  products  and  services  needed,  and  the  operational  approaches  taken  and  challenges  encountered  in  meeting  the  needs. Issues  covered  include  operational  challenges,  funding  issues,  coordination  and strengthening  local  capacity. The  course  combines  lectures, readings  and  teaching  cases  covering  international organizations, UN agencies, and international NGOs.

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