Shuli Brammli-Greenberg

Visiting Scholar

Not Pictured

Dr. Shuli Brammli-Greenberg is a senior researcher at the Myers-JDC Brookdale Institute and the Head of the Health Systems Management program (MHA) at the School of Public Health, Haifa University in Israel.

In recent years, her research has focused on economic aspects of patient/doctor/ policymaker behavior and decision-making in health and health insurance markets. During her career as an applied researcher, Shuli's main efforts have been to disseminate new knowledge and methods to assist leaders of the health care system to make informed decisions. She works closely with senior officials in the Ministries of Health and Finance and was a member of the Public Committee to Strengthen the Public Health System, led by then-Minister of Health Yael German.

Her main areas of research in the last five years have been included: Willingness to pay for the right to choose in health system, integration of public and private financing, compensation models in health systems, health insurance, disparities in the use of health system by different population groups, and waiting times as shadow prices. Shuli is also the Principal Investigator of the on-going assessment of the Israel's National Health Insurance Law and the 1995 reform of the health system.

Shuli holds a Ph.D. in Health Economics from Tel Aviv University and a Master's in Economics from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.