Our Faculty

The heart of NYU Wagner's programs is our faculty. Premier scholars in a variety of disciplines—economics, finance, sociology, political science, law, planning, healthcare, and more—our faculty members conceive new answers to ambitious social questions.

Faculty Videos

WAGTalk: Erica Foldy, "Embracing Ambivalence"

Professor Erica Foldy outlines how she learned to stop worrying and love contradiction, noting that one can learn more about complex policy problems by acknowledging various sides of an argument.

WAGTalk: Paul Smoke, "Supporting Public Sector Reform in Developing Countries"

Development assistance for strengthening government in developing countries has been criticized both as being too fragmented and too dominated by a cartel of like-minded agencies.

WAGTalk: Sherry Glied, "Why Your Broken Rib Costs You an Arm and a Leg"

Why is healthcare in the US so expensive compared to care provided in other countries with similar or better outcomes? Dean Glied's talk will examine the evidence on this paradox and describe the implications of these findings for health policy.