Arts in Education Administration and Operations Evaluation

Client: Brooklyn Arts Council
Faculty: Sara Grant and Merle McGee
Team: "Joey Hogue, AiLun Ku, Jaime Langione, Stephanie Wecht"
Year: 2008
"The Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC) is an arts and services organization that facilitates programs for artists, teachers, students, families, and seniors throughout Brooklyn. BAC's largest department, Arts in Education (AIE), organizes programs in visual, literary, performing, and digital arts in schools and senior centers. Due to increased funding and program popularity, AIE has grown exponentially over the past five years. With an expansion in programming and reporting responsibilities, AIE's administrative needs have grown but its structure and systems have not. In order to help AIE better facilitate its educational programs as well as meet strenuous reporting requirements, BAC invited the Capstone team to conduct an evaluation and recommend methods to improve its administrative structure and operations. BAC anticipates that the Capstone recommendations will enable it to spend more time developing program goals, conducting outreach to schools, and maintaining relationships with teaching artists. "