Butterfly Project

Client: New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation
Faculty: John Donnellan
Team: Lee Christy, Sana Hashmi, Shari Hinds, Laura Rivera, Neena Taskindoust
Year: 2011
Given the high rates of teenage pregnancy in the Bronx, HHC developed a compre­hensive pre­and post­natal program to address the full range of medical, social, and psychological needs of adolescent mothers and their infants. In July 2010, the Butterfly project was piloted at Jacobi Medical Center – an HHC facility with a particularly high rate of teen births. The program consists of protocol care, a hospi­tal discharge checklist, Care Coordinators, labor and delivery simulation class, and peer support groups. The Capstone team conducted a feasibility study to assess whether the program could be replicated at other HHC facilities and a process eval­uation to measure the effectiveness of the program. The team also created a litera­ture review of best practices found in simi­lar programs. As a final deliverable the Capstone team constructed a patient sat­isfaction survey tool to evaluate partici­pants' birthing experiences at Jacobi Medical Center.