Development of an Operating Plan

Client: Palladia, Inc.
Faculty: Kathryn Morrison and Lawrence Murray
Team: Elizabeth Brookes, Denise DeMaio, Seetha Speeney, Sarah L. Wilkins, Alisa Zelman
Year: 2003
The Capstone team was asked to develop components of an operating plan to establish the PlaySpace Children's Center in East Harlem, an early childhood development facility designed for use by infants and toddlers with their caregivers. In consultation with The Non Profit Consortium, a group of organizations that provides family services to the target population, the team performed literature reviews, researched census data, conducted interviews with East Harlem service providers, and studied comparative models. The team developed a statement of need, identified potential funding sources, outlined capital considerations for program start-up, and offered recommendations for a membership program, social venture model, and governance structure. Research findings that shaped the team’s recommendations include: the high level of unmet need of families in East Harlem, an increasingly competitive non-profit funding environment, and the significant commitment and expertise of the consortium agencies.