Improving Partner Recruitment and Management for MOUSE Corps Program

Client: MOUSE
Faculty: Rona Affoumado
Team: Melissa Levick, Mona Lipson, Jean-Michelle Lopez, Megan O’Connor
Year: 2012
MOUSE is a nonprofit organization that empowers and educates underserved students to provide technology support and leadership in their schools, supporting their academic and career success. MOUSE Corps, one of the organization’s three programs, is a summer program that places students in partner corporations throughout New York City for a six-week internship in tech support. Now at a pivotal point in its development, MOUSE requested a Capstone team to evaluate and systematize their partnership management process to ensure that the organization maintains quality, long-term relationships with their partner corporations. Research into MOUSE’s existing marketing materials, survey data, current partners, and competitors was conducted to evaluate where the organization stood in its partnership program. The information was then compiled and analyzed to produce a document of findings and recommendations for MOUSE. A manual for partnership management was then produced for MOUSE to implement immediately for this summer’s partner organizations and subsequent years thereafter.