Improving Process, Communication, Fiscal Operations, and Evaluation at a New York City Nonprofit Organization

Client: Career Gear
Faculty: Rona Affoumado
Year: 2006
Career Gear is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged men get and keep jobs by providing them with business-appropriate clothing, career counseling, and follow-up job support. Now at a pivotal point in its development, Career Gear requested a Capstone team to gather information from the organization's primary stakeholders. Board members, staff, clients, referral agencies, and peer organizations were interviewed in order to create a full picture of the scope and nature of Career Gear's impact. The information was then compiled, researched, and analyzed to produce a report of findings and recommendations which would assist Career Gear to address the critical issues currently facing the organization. The report's recommendations provide a point of reference as Career Gear begins to expand its services, build a strong financial base, develop a comprehensive communications strategy, and create evaluation mechanisms that will measure the organization's success in fulfilling its mission.