Linking Sector and Municipal Investment Planning in Nicaragua: A Case Study of the Department of Boaco

Client: United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
Faculty: Paul Smoke
Team: Uma Deshmukh, Ann Fuller, Alyssa Holmgren
Year: 2006
Since 2000, UNCDF has worked with the Nicaraguan Government to develop a multi-level planning system that responds to both national and local objectives for development and poverty reduction through the creation of department-level planning bodies. UNCDF is now directing an evaluation of the department-level planning experience and its impact on the coordination of national and municipal investment programs. To strengthen the evaluation, the Capstone team conducted a case study of the planning experience in the Department of Boaco. Through interviews in the field with key actors and analysis of relevant data, the Capstone team tracked the progress of each investment project, from inception at the department level to realization in a municipal or national budget, to determine the extent of inter-governmental coordination within the new system. The case study will be incorporated into UNCDF’s final report and will inform the design of a strengthened national planning system that seeks to improve service delivery, increase participation and reconcile municipal and national development objectives.