Social Franchising: A New Pathway to Financial Independence for INGOs

Client: Community Wealth Ventures
Faculty: Jody Spiro
Team: Emilie Maurice, Maki Kamikawa, Stephanie Bleyer, Dan Gwinnell
Year: 2009
Long-term sustainability and financial security have become matters of grave concern for many nonprofit organizations as government support, private donations, and foundation grants decline. Community Wealth Ventures LLC (CWV) provides a solution to this pressing social problem through unique consultancy services currently offered to US-based nonprofit organizations. Entrepreneurial nonprofits can generate stable revenue streams by working with CWV and launching social franchises. These novel ?business-in-a-box? solutions can generate largely unrestricted funding streams and offer a pathway to long-term financial independence. The goal of the Capstone project was to investigate the feasibility of adapting CWV's domestic social franchise model to international settings in order to provide a potential new funding stream for international non-governmental organizations. The final deliverable is a findings report detailing the feasibility of international social franchising. The report will be available to organizations around the world and will serve as an assesment tool of the risks and benefits of entering the international social franchise marketplace.