Strengthening Human Resource Processes and Determining a Salary Scale for a Health and Human Services Agency

Client: Comunilife
Faculty: Rona Affoumado
Team: Kelly Chang, Amanda Frick, Eileen Soltes, Carl-Anthony Watson
Year: 2012
Comunilife is a multi-service, health and human service agency providing culturally appropriate and community-centered mental health and social services, meals, and housing for people who are homeless and/or low-income, mentally ill, or living with HIV/AIDS. Comunilife requested a Capstone team to help it devise an employee compensation strategy, including a structured salary scale in line with similar human service agencies, and provisions for a reward system based on factors such as longevity and merit. As a part of this analysis, the Capstone team researched industry survey data and developed a qualifications tier structure that is tied to compensation. Additionally, the team conducted a job description analysis based on employee interviews to determine the comparability of job duties at Comunilife to those of similar organizations. Findings from this project will allow the organization to strengthen its human resource processes and make more informed and strategic decisions concerning hiring, employee motivation, and retention.