Surveying the State of Volunteerism in the American Jewish Community

Client: Repair the World
Faculty: Sara Grant, Merle McGee
Team: Laura Brown, Margalit Rosenthal, Marci Soifer, Sarah Waldbott, Sarit Wishnevski
Year: 2012
Repair the World’s mission is to inspire and build a movement that makes service a defining element of American Jewish life, learning, and leadership. Repair connects Jewish Americans to meaningful volunteer opportunities, and builds the capacity of Jewish organizations to run effective service programs. With little data existing on volunteer practices in the organized American Jewish community, the goal of this project is to assess the state of volunteering in the Jewish social sector, identify ways in which Repair can support organizations, and to uncover outstanding models of volunteer service already in practice. The Capstone team developed a survey tool to collect data from organizations across the nation to help Repair establish baseline measures of the field. The Capstone team’s findings will be published in a Repair the World report on the state of volunteering in the Jewish community.