Microeconomics for Public Management, Planning, and Policy Analysis

CORE-GP.1018, 3 points.


The primary purpose of the microeconomics core course is to enable you to use microeconomic thinking, concepts and tools in your professional public service work. Accomplishing this also requires refreshing and strengthening your quantitative skills.

The course begins with the basics of supply and demand and market operations, and uses this as the context for considering consumer and organizational decisions within a given market structure. The course builds to applying economic analysis to a variety of public issues such as the effects of taxation, the market structure of health care, the impacts of the minimum wage, the effects of international trade and various approaches to environmental externalities.

By the end of the course you should be able to articulate the economic context and analysis of a public problem, use economic concepts in managerial and policy decisions, and progress to second level courses confident of your understanding of microeconomics and its tools.



Semester Instructor Syllabus Link
Fall 2015Ingrid Gould Ellen, Diana Beck, Michael Suher, Erica Hoyt DixonSyllabus
Spring 2015Sewin Chan, Diana BeckSyllabus
Fall 2014Erica Hoyt DixonSyllabus
Fall 2014Michael SuherSyllabus
Fall 2014Jorge De la RocaSyllabus
Fall 2014Ingrid Gould EllenSyllabus
Spring 2014Sewin Chan, Diana BeckSyllabus
Fall 2013Sewin Chan, Diana Beck, Ingrid Gould EllenSyllabus
Summer 2013Jorge De la RocaSyllabus
Spring 2013Sewin ChanSyllabus
Spring 2013Sewin ChanSyllabus
Fall 2012Ingrid Gould EllenSyllabus
Fall 2012Diana BeckSyllabus
Fall 2012Diana BeckSyllabus
Fall 2012Katherine M. O'ReganSyllabus
Fall 2012Katherine M. O'ReganSyllabus
Spring 2012Sewin ChanSyllabus
Fall 2011Katherine M. O'ReganSyllabus
Fall 2011Diana BeckSyllabus
Fall 2011Diana BeckSyllabus
Fall 2011Sewin ChanSyllabus
Fall 2011Katherine M. O'ReganSyllabus
Spring 2011Sewin ChanSyllabus
Fall 2010Neene OwateSyllabus
Fall 2010Michael GedalSyllabus
Fall 2010Diana BeckSyllabus
Fall 2010Ingrid Gould EllenSyllabus
Fall 2010Katherine M. O'ReganSyllabus
Summer 2010Syllabus
Spring 2010Sewin ChanSyllabus
Fall 2009Ingrid Gould EllenSyllabus
Spring 2009Diana BeckSyllabus
Spring 2008Sewin ChanSyllabus
Fall 2008Syllabus
Fall 2008Maharukh BhiladwallaSyllabus
Fall 2008Maharukh BhiladwallaSyllabus
Fall 2008Katherine M. O'ReganSyllabus
Semester Instructor Evaluation Link
Fall 2015Michael SuherEvaluation
Fall 2015Diana BeckEvaluation
Fall 2015Ingrid EllenEvaluation
Fall 2015Erica DixonEvaluation
Spring 2015Sewin ChanEvaluation
Spring 2015Diana BeckEvaluation
Fall 2014Michael SuherEvaluation
Fall 2014Ingrid EllenEvaluation
Fall 2014Jorge De la RocaEvaluation
Summer 2014Jorge De la RocaEvaluation
Spring 2014Diana BeckEvaluation
Fall 2013Diana BeckEvaluation
Fall 2013Sewin ChanEvaluation
Fall 2013Sewin ChanEvaluation
Fall 2013Diana BeckEvaluation
Fall 2013Ingrid Gould EllenEvaluation
Summer 2013Jorge De la RocaEvaluation
Spring 2013Sewin ChanEvaluation
Spring 2013Sewin ChanEvaluation
Spring 2012Chan, SewinEvaluation
Spring 2012Chan, SewinEvaluation
Fall 2011ORegan, KatherineEvaluation
Fall 2011Chan, SewinEvaluation
Fall 2011Beck, DianaEvaluation
Fall 2011Beck, DianaEvaluation
Summer 2011Looney, MatthewEvaluation
Summer 2011Beck, DianaEvaluation
Spring 2011Chan, SewinEvaluation
Spring 2011Chan, SewinEvaluation
Fall 2010Williams, MichaelEvaluation
Fall 2010Owate, NeeneEvaluation
Fall 2010ORegan, KatherineEvaluation
Fall 2010Looney, MatthewEvaluation
Fall 2010Giancatarino, AnthonyEvaluation
Fall 2010Gedal, MichaelEvaluation
Fall 2010Ellen, IngridEvaluation
Fall 2010Dixon, EricaEvaluation
Fall 2010Beck, DianaEvaluation
Summer 2010Owate, NeeneEvaluation
Summer 2010Nickerson, PeteEvaluation
Spring 2010Chan, SewinEvaluation
Spring 2010Chan, SewinEvaluation
Spring 2010Gedal, MichaelEvaluation
Spring 2010Lacoe, JohannaEvaluation
Fall 2009Ellen, IngridEvaluation
Fall 2009Oregan, KatherineEvaluation
Fall 2009Beck, DianaEvaluation
Fall 2009Manlapig, EnricoEvaluation
Fall 2008Thompson, CarrieEvaluation
Fall 2008Owate, NeeneEvaluation
Fall 2008Oregan, KatherineEvaluation
Fall 2008Mertens, KerenEvaluation
Fall 2008Lin, IrisEvaluation
Fall 2008Gedal, MichaelEvaluation
Fall 2008Ellen, IngridEvaluation
Fall 2008Bhiladwalla, MaharukhEvaluation
Fall 2008Beck, DianaEvaluation
Spring 2008Roberts, StephenEvaluation
Spring 2008Thompson, CarrieEvaluation
Spring 2008Owate, NeeneEvaluation
Spring 2008Beck, DianaEvaluation
Spring 2008Chan, SewinEvaluation
Summer 2008Asali, MuhammadEvaluation
Summer 2008Thompson, CarriEvaluation
Summer 2009Meltzer, RachelEvaluation
Summer 2009Owate, NeeneEvaluation
Spring 2009Oregan, KatherineEvaluation
Spring 2009Beck, DianaEvaluation
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Dixon, Erica Hoyt

Weekly Schedule:
Wed - 3:30 pm to 6:15 pm

Session Dates:
01/25/2016 to 05/09/2016

Bldg:194M Room:306

Beck, Diana Lynn

Weekly Schedule:
Wed - 6:45 pm to 9:30 pm

Session Dates:
01/25/2016 to 05/09/2016

Bldg:12WV Room:L120