Globalization and Its Impact on the State

PADM-GP.2215, 4 points.

Semester: Spring


This course will examine the critical and rapidly changing role of the state at the beginning of a new millennium, paying special attention to the state as a central player in ensuring the provision of public services in varied environments. It will enable students to: engage in specific analyses of the mechanisms of governance at different levels, identify the capacities of and constraints facing governance processes, critique the manner in which reforms undertaken by governments impact social, cultural and economic development, analyze the challenges faced by government.

Prerequisites: none

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Spring 2010Ahmad KamalSyllabus
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Spring 2013Ahmad KamalEvaluation
Spring 2012Kamal, AhmadEvaluation
Spring 2011Kamal, AhmadEvaluation
Spring 2010Kamal, AhmadEvaluation
Spring 2008Kamal, AhmadEvaluation
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