Getting Things Done: Implementation in Health Policy and Management

UPADM-GP.211, 4 points.


A course for students who wish to drive initiatives for improving health care by applying proven management techniques. Assignments will include design of a “contract” to get something done and a work plan to accomplish a project which the student would lead in accomplishing. Also required is a book report on pertinent readings, an oral presentation of the proposed project, and a final 2,000-word paper. The course will begin with a discussion of evidence-based management, which is the primary method used in developing the design of the contract. Guest speakers will discuss projects they were able to accomplish and projects which failed, giving the reasons why. A guest speaker from the library will review search strategy for the literature and the professor will discuss how to learn about best practice. This is intended to be a small seminar with class enrollment limited to 15.

Prerequisites: none

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