Sustaining Social Change in the New Economy

UPADM-GP.410, 4 points.


This course explores the evolving new global economy, one in which the increasing challenges generated by the unsustainable use of non-renewable resources collides with forces that will dramatically realign power and influence.

The course focuses on three central questions:

- How does our understanding of sustainability need to evolve to create a future of health and wellbeing, a future that is regenerative rather than destructive?

- What historic, legal, policy, political and dynamic factors contributed to the design of an economy so obsessively focused on short-term results that we have incentivized behavior that is dangerous and destructive for our long-term survival?

- How do we move towards a new economy driven by a sustainable understanding of wealth and happiness, equity and justice that insists on a systems based, long-term point of view? How do we build and manage organizations that personify this edict?

Prerequisites: none

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