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Advanced GIS: Topics in Spatial Analysis

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Sophisticated analysis of spatial data in geographic information systems (GIS) is becoming increasingly necessary to support discovery and decision-making in urban planning and policy. This course will cover several spatial analysis methods as well as the visualization and data management techniques that support these methods. Topics will include network analysis as applied in transportation; areal interpolation and geographic crosswalks as applied in demographics; point density and basic interpolation (heat maps) as applied in public safety and housing; and replication through ModelBuilder. We will place each topic in a policy-oriented, problem-solving analytical framework that students can apply across a variety of contexts. Lab exercises and assignments will focus on current issues in New York City, and students will expand their knowledge of open spatial data sets. The course will culminate in a student-defined, portfolio quality final project.


URPL-GP.2618 (or equivalent such as CUSP-GX.3007), or permission of the instructor.

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