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Advanced Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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This course is designed to help students understand and make their own mark in solving the social problems that plague today's world.  This course is based on the notion that durable social change depends on the five basic tools for social innovation: (1) social exploring to call others to action and identify the root cause that needs to be addressed, (2) social finance to leverage existing funding toward high-impact investment and fundraising, (3) social design to collect and combine ideas to redress a seemingly intractable problem, (4) social advocacy to frame the debate in favor of the specific innovation and codify these ideas for sustainable implementation, and (5) social delivery to scale new combinations of ideas to maximum effect, and operate at scale.  Students will be introduced to the five tools, examine their use in producing social impact, explore their own engagement in designing new combinations of ideas as social entrepreneurs, and develop their own ideas for addressing a social problem of concern to them.  Students will have the opportunity to examine real-world organizations that engage in social impact, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and develop their own understanding about which tools find what problems, and how they can exploit the power of social innovation to produce lasting effects in changing the world as it is today into the world that each student believe could and must be in the future.