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Communicating Public Policy in the Digital Era

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In this class you will focus on translating policy analysis and implementation tools into actionable agents of social change. As such, one of the largest challenges is convincing a skeptical public that the benefits of a policy change or new service outweigh the status quo. In this class we will examine how government entities use digital tools to attempt to tackle this task, using the Obama White House as a case study. This class will give you an in-depth look at how digital tools allow the government to challenge traditional public policy implementation problems. Taught by a member of the first White House Office of Digital Strategy, we will primarily examine first-person narratives and content from actual public policy rollouts during the Obama administration, as well as some case studies from other successful policy campaigns in the public and private sector. This class will be useful to a broad range of students who are interested in policy implementation, policy communication, and successful social change.


CORE-GP.1022 is preferred. 

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