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Criminal Justice and Neighborhoods

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Fighting crime has historically been associated with police, prosecutors, jails and prisons.  But more recently a different understanding has emerged in cities across the country that crime reduction goes well beyond the province of traditional criminal justice agencies.  Instead this approach develops and deploys an array of strategies and partners to identify the drivers of crime and to reach durable solutions that shift the role of guardians of the peace from police to neighborhoods.  This course will look at both the social context of this new approach, including the rise of cynicism about police and government and the possible solutions, such as how the architecture of particular buildings and whole neighborhoods, neighborhood cohesion and concepts of legitimacy can change the crime picture.  The course will use New York City as a touchstone and lab and will draw on national and international examples for context.


CORE-GP.1011 and CORE-GP.1022 (or URPL-GP.2660)

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