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Financial Statement Analysis for Healthcare and Not-for-Profit Organizations

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This course assumes that the student have a fundamental understanding of the financial statement concepts taught in CORE-GP.1021. The primary objective of this course is to familiarize you with financial statements (audited and unaudited) and to increase your comfort and facility in the analysis of the quantitative and qualitative data found in these statements. An additional key objective is to expand on the fundamentals learned in CORE-GP.1021 using an applied framework approach by introducing you to various forms of financial statement analysis techniques utilized by finance professionals. A third objective is to enhance your presentation skills (oral and written) of financial concepts through written and oral presentation. Consequently, you will find it helpful, but not mandatory, to be familiar with a word processing computer program. Excel, or any other electronic spreadsheet program, will be required when doing some of the assignments for this course. Use of PowerPoint or similar presentation program will also be helpful.

This course will take you through the type of line-by-line, detailed analysis of health care, university and other non-profit organizations’ financial statements conducted by finance professionals within the healthcare, higher education and not-for-profit sectors, as well as those professionals who regulate, evaluate and lend to these sectors. Related topical issues will also be discussed and analyzed, including the causes of increased scrutiny of hospitals, universities and the not-for-profits financial practices by federal and state governments. Understanding accounting and financial reporting practices of all companies (not-for-profits included) has increased the importance for managers and finance professionals to develop the necessary skill-set required to analyze these statements and get beneath the numbers. This course will assist your development of these skills.


CORE-GP 1021, PADM-GP 4130 concurrently

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