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Foundation Technologies for Innovation

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Learn how to use information technology (IT) to work smarter, improve productivity, reduce cost, and increase accessibility. This course will explain best practices in creating and operating IT systems. We will improve your IT IQ.

All new government and business systems are IT systems. And all organizations need to develop innovative IT systems to meet their customers’ expectations. Many organizations find that developing these systems is very difficult. The systems often arrive late, over budget, and sometimes don't fully satisfy their customers. Now everyone has to worry about cyber security threats. Data breaches, highjacked cars, and impersonations on social media have become well known and can undermine confidence and prevent customers from embracing new IT systems.

Is it possible to deliver and operate quality IT systems as promised? Can autonomous vehicles drive safely? What do we need to know to operate IT systems securely?

Course discussions will answer those questions and more in plain language, they will not be technical.  They will describe the leadership, customer care, project management, and service management needed to create and support quality IT systems. We’ll discuss how to generate the participation throughout organizations needed for improving and sustaining high performance creating and operating IT systems.

Class lectures will include multi-media presentations, references to assigned readings, discussions about the planned course content, weekly assessments, mid-term and final exams, and discussions about new systems planned by students throughout the term. 

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