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The Making of a Healthcare Entrepreneur

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Whether you are a founder or working for a founder, you are an innovator and an entrepreneur. The Making of a Healthcare Entrepreneur is the course for current and future health care innovators interested in learning how to exploit gaps and opportunities in the evolving healthcare industry and launch meaningful, valuable companies as measured by customers and investors. It provides innovators with the essential steps needed to take their idea from concept to reality. By using real cases to demonstrate the various paths taken by others, students will not only understand how to start up a company, but they will gain valuable insights into what it takes to succeed with investors,  how to build a customer pipeline, and how to avoid pitfalls that can derail a company.

The healthcare sector is complex. Many entrepreneurs come to their chief idea not by having a full understanding of the sector, but rather by having a specific or personal understanding of, and passion for, the problem they are trying to solve. Moving from a good idea to a real company requires not only an understanding of the issue, but also an understanding of the targeted customer(s), the product, the pricing model, funding mechanisms, board relations, customer acquisition, and much more.


HPAM-GP.1830 or HPAM-GP.2836, or permission from instructor.

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