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Managing Service Delivery

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This course will help students understand the nuances, complexities and challenges of managing the delivery of services for a public purpose. Through the introduction of key concepts, issues, strategies and analytical methods, students will be able to understand the role of public managers in optimizing service delivery at a time when demand is increasing and public resources are growing ever scarcer. Specifically, the course is designed to enable students to:

Gain insight into the dynamics of managing services, day-to-day;

Understand theories of Organizational Processes and how they apply to the delivery of services to the public;

Manage issues related to waiting for the provision of public services;

Become familiar with the opportunities and pitfalls of Privatizing public services;

Understand how positioning the consumers of public services as customers has the potential to increase accountability;

Learn basic concepts of Supply Chain Management and how they apply to the provision of public services



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