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The Practice of Work: Individual, Interpersonal and Organizational Effectiveness

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Open only to students in the MSPP program. The title of this course is meant to evoke a double meaning. First, the “practice” of work refers to the idea that it is important to practice something, to rehearse, to try things out. Being an intern* in an organization is a required element of this course. And while interns can accomplish a great deal and deliver a lot of value to their organization, they are also understood to be learning, to be practicing. But a “practice” can also mean a craft or a skill, something one works hard at in order to become expert and polished. We are using the word practice in that way as well, in becoming skillful at individual, interpersonal and organizational effectiveness. 

In this course, you will be doing a lot of practicing or experimenting. You will be conducting a “personal experiment” that allows you to explore and sharpen your skills interacting with others. You will also be gaining experience with managing a project appropriate for your current level of work experience. And you will conduct an analysis of the organization in which you are interning. So you will be practicing at three different levels. The class will also ask you to think about how those levels interact and influence each other.

*Minimum of 15 hours per week